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Hello I'm Rachael - Thanks for visiting my site!I have been with my husband for 14 years now and we have 2 beautiful boys together. Believe me they look much more innocent than they are in the photo! 
I love to be outside, to me it doesn't matter what the weather's like come rain or shine I love fresh air! Sundresses and hats or wellies & umbrellas - both can make stunning photos. However, after a day out, it makes the duvet days more precious. Because of this I really enjoy lifestyle photography and I just love working with children. I love to document the lives of my 2 little pickles and my family - I believe time goes far too quickly and I love nothing more than looking back with love at old photos of my loved ones past and present. Whatever moment in time you're in, I can be there with you to capture it. To me, it doesn't matter if it's an arrival of a newborn or just a walk in the park - whatever moments you would like to remember I can be there to capture them for you. 


For those who might be curious, the name 'ELM Family Photography' doesn't relate to The Elm tree as you might think, it's actually the initials of my late Grandmother - Eileen Lily Mabel. I wanted to pay tribute to her as she not only believed in me, but she was the one who helped make this possible. As I'm sure most of you with grandparents know, it doesn't matter what the occasion, they don't want for anything. Every Christmas and Birthday all my Grandma would ever ask for is a photo!! She loved nothing more than being around her family and watching her grandchildren play - this is what made her happy. She is someone who meant the world to me so this name is for her. 
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